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If you are looking for a lifelong partner and have a preference for Eastern European women, you have come to the right place. For over ten years it has been our business to help men like you meet girls from Russia and the Ukraine, who, like you, are prepared to look beyond state borders and cultural and linguistic differences. Russian brides have been in high demand in the West for years, long before the Internet as we know it even existed (the term “mail order bride” that you are probably familiar with comes from that time). Why are Russian women so popular? The first reason for this is their legendary beauty – no one can deny that looks play an important role in romantic relationships, and Russian women know how to take care of their appearance to add to what nature has given them. The second, and more important, reason is that they possess an inner beauty as well. They are romantic, kind and easy-going, and family is their priority. Russian women make caring, devoted wives and excellent mothers. In Western societies these qualities in women are becoming increasingly rare, so the demand is understandable – and we satisfy it. Our network of dating sites was created in 2005 and has seen exponential growth due to the influx of both female and male profiles. Many of our clients have visited Russia and the Ukraine for a face-toface meeting with the girls they had been corresponding with, and some of them are now happily married. If you want to become one of them, don’t hesitate to register a profile on the website and start looking! Membership doesn’t cost you anything here, and neither does sending messages. If you like a particular lady, you will be able to send her gifts or flowers, or talk to her on the phone with the help of an interpreter if needed. We also do background checks and offer other services, all of which will be at your disposal as a member. If you experience any problems or simply need advice, our staff will always be there for you. Consideration for our customers has always been the foundation of our success. We wish you a pleasant stay on Russian Wife Club and good luck in your search!